Celebrate Recovery FAQ

Celebrate Recovery FAQ
Question: If I come to a meeting am I going to have to get up in front of people to say anything?
Answer: We’d like to know your name but you don’t have to get up in front of anyone for that. When the opportunity comes for you to say something you are welcome to pass.

Question: Will there be someone there to give counsel me?
Answer: We are not licensed counselors. We are there to offer support to you as you work through your own issues.

Question: Your group seems to be really focused on God. Do I have to believe in God to come?
Answer: All are welcome to Celebrate Recovery. We believe the Bible has the answers to the problems in life… but you don’t have to believe all that we do in order to explore these issues at CR.

Question: What kind of people come to the meeting?
Answer: All are welcome to Celebrate Recovery. We have students, retired people, men, women, athletes and handicapped. We have clerks, military people, doctors, technicians, goat herders, construction workers and out-of-workers.

Question: If I decide to share some things I am struggling with, will others know about it?
Answer: We hold confidentiality extremely important. What is said in the group stays in the group! You are welcome only if you can hold the confidence of others.

Question: Will it cost me anything?
Answer: We offer a Free family dinner (Donation…give what you can), Free meetings and Free friendships. The only cost is the effort you decide to put into it. But the repayment is well worth it!