Sober Living

The Project Hope Board is excited to announce the opening of Joshua House, a sober living recovery home in Moscow. We have been praying over this older, seven-bedroom house since last summer, but it wasn’t until December 2023 that the Lord provided Jon Deatrick to be House Manager. He moved into the house in the beginning of February and we expect to start having men move in within a couple of weeks. This is a partnership project with the Hope Center in Moscow and both Project Hope and Hope Center have provided funds to get it up and running. We are appreciative to many in the community who have been donating dishes, towels, furniture, and all the practical items needed for a household. The vision is multi-faceted, but one opportunity is for guys getting out of North Idaho Correctional Institute short-term prison in Cottonwood, ID, where Project Hope volunteers provide a chapel service and Celebrate Recovery Step Studies every week. Guys can now apply to work in the ‘Hope at Work’ program at the Hope Center, interviewing over Zoom before they even get out!They could then apply to live at the Joshua House and move right in with a job waiting the next day! We are praying for God’s blessings on this new opportunity for men to start again, living in a Christ-centered community and learning work skills and building healthy relationships that will bless their lives

Meet Our House Manager – Jon D. Jon Deatrick, came to Moscow from Boise in August 2023. He moved here to help plant the church Stateline Bible Church with his pastor, Steve Vint. He is ministry focused while working in construction with Matt Becker. He spends the majority of his time finding opportunities to serve the Lord in whatever capacity He calls him to daily. He enjoys reading and listening to music.

There are many who need more intensive help to help them in their recovery.  In order to help facilitate this, Project Hope is working towards launching the Wild Goose Recovery Ranch.  A 5-acre ranch just north of Moscow will be the future site of WGRR.  Please pray with us as the Lord leads us in this process.  Step 1 is in process and we will be sharing more details soon.  Use this donate button if you would like to help make this possible.

Progress is being made…ever so slowly. Four of the bedrooms are just about done and miracle of miracles, we recently had the plumbing completed. That had been holding things up much like the septic system had been holding things up before. With the plumbing in, we can now work on the bathroom, kitchenette and remaining bedroom and hallways. A special thank to Tyler Brooks for his diligent work and a number of others who have helped.