Latah County Jail

God is moving mightily in the lives of inmates at our local jail in Moscow, Idaho. He is using volunteers to reach and engage men who are interested in knowing God and entering His kingdom. On Sunday and Wednesday evenings, a few men take turns going into the jail, to teach the Word and encourage inmates to walk with God. Learning to walk with God prepares them to deal with the rest of their lives. Praying together, they also experience God’s hand at work on their behalf. Our desire is to see them set free from a lifestyle of bondage and live in liberty.

Larry French – Reaching out to prisoners in the Latah County Jail is not only scriptural but fruitful in bringing souls to the Lord Jesus. Prisoners are often incarcerated for only a few days or weeks until the courts invoke a sentence and they are released. For many, it is the first time they have experienced a jail cell without privileges. Many realize their lives are heading the wrong direction and become eager to find a better way. I usually spend at least an hour before I go into the jail, “praying up”. The Holy Spirit guides us and directs our ability to reach these men in ways which are life changing, meaningful events. Wisdom and discernment are a part of being an effective minister. I went through a training program originally that was provided by Chuck Colson’s Ministries. As a part of this, I read a book entitled Games Prison People Play. With only 20 minutes with each of 3 or 4 groups of inmates, I avoid listening to their stories. I am as respectful as I can be and introductions are quick, warm and concerning to show my love for them as a brother in the Lord. I spend a lot of time each month preparing different 20-minute messages. I bring a copy for each inmate and I read it out loud with them. I always answer questions and often use a few rabbit trails to personalize my presentation. Inmates take the message back to their cells to read on their own. Often, they share it with other inmates who didn’t attend. I bring extra copies of all my messages to the jail. If I learn during our session of a different problem they’re troubled with and I have a helpful message in my packet of 20-minute sermons, I will give them the extra message to take back to their cell to read on their own. The following are some examples of the titles to messages I use to reach these inmates: How To Manage My Anger, Stinking Thinking, The Words of Your Mouth, How to Walk In Love, Love One Another, What Happens When We Die, Why You Need to Be Born Again, The Promises of God, You Must Act on the Word, The Character and Qualities of God, What Is In Your Heart?